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Best oats to buy

A couple of days ago, I posted a video on my channel about the types of Oats and how the Oatmeal can be consumed. Oatmeal is a wonderful meal and it can be consumed for getting more energy. With its high satiety index and fibre content, it lasts longer than many other grains available.

So, I missed communicating a few points in the video which I wanted to convey here in detail. If you haven’t checked out the video yet, you can check in the above link. I spoke in detail about Oats, its types namely Steel cut oats, rolled oats and quick oats. But if you see many many brands are available and we need to know which can be bought and which shouldn’t be bought.

Steel Cut Oats:

Steel cuts are also known as Irish oats. They are basically the oat groats or the grain broken into small pieces. This has the lowest Glycemic Index of all the oats and takes more time to cook. Also, it is better to soak it before cooking. You can also pressure cook this for faster cooking with these grains like you do with Broken Wheat or Dalia. Check for the nutrition information while buying this type of Oats. Ensure the protein content is around 13-16 gms per every 100gms of Oats. In Amazon India website a few good brands which sell Steel Cuts are given below.

Green Habit Oats – Roughly 11.7g of Protein per 100gms. You can click the link below to check this product. You can buy it in Amazon here –

Another one is Oateo Steel Cut oats which roughly shows 13.6g of Protein per 100g of Oats. Although in the label it mentions 13.6g for both serving size and 100g is a mistake, we should consider only the 100g quantity. You can buy it from Amazon here –

True Elements in one brand which I trust a lot as I have bought a few products. Their steel-cut oats have roughly 10.7g of Protein per 100g. You can buy it from Amazon here –

Rolled Oats and Quick Oats:
True Elements Rolled oats are a pretty good choice. This contains roughly 13.6g of protein per 100g. You can buy it from here –

Another Interesting option available is Disano Oats. This brand also has 13.6g of protein per 100g but the interesting thing is it has lesser sodium and slightly higher fibre than the true elements one. You can buy it from here –

These are the options I would suggest to explore. There are a few options which I recommend not to consume.

Masala oats are one such. The label shows a lot about the Masala oats.

Then comes the Museli options which high in added sugars.



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