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Isaac Lidsky - TED Talk

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What is our reality? Are we creating our reality? Do we really stunt our growth by creating our own reality or what it is? Let’s listen to Isaac Lidsky on the topic “what reality are you creating for yourself?. This is one of the most inspiring talks at the same time it gives us hope we are looking for right at this testing time.


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We all are living in a time where unprecedented things are happening. But are we going to let that decide our fate? Is it really hard to manifest positivity at this time? What are we lacking is the important question and the most common thing said in times like these is “Blessing in disguise”. But isn’t it insensitive to call something drastic a blessing in disguise?

I had all these questions on my mind. I am a person who tries to see the positive in every negative and negative in every positive and like to find the right balance. Isaac’s ted talk gave me much-needed hope with enough rationale. He explains how fear stunts our growth. Fear is a wonderful stimulator but it enables the panic mode and internal critic in us. The internal critic always wants to play it safe and stops us from exploring the unknown. Although it is better to be safe at times, it shunts us from exploring our full potential. As Isaac says, we need to see beyond our fears. Recognize our assumptions. Harness our internal strength. Silence our internal critic. That’s the way forward for all of us to live our reality.

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