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Adam Grant - Original Thinkers

Hello Folks !!

All of us want to be original thinkers, all of us are inspired by a lot of thinkers and want to achieve something in our lives. But what differentiates us from them? Adam Grant gives a brief look into the surprising habits of original thinkers in his TED Talk titled the same. This gave me hope, this talk came to me at the right time. This might do the same to you too. Watch the full video below.

Welcome Back !!

All of us want to do something in our lives. We want to create something original and always we feel that we are too late to the party. We are so conditioned to the first mover advantage theory that we fail to see Apple is successful despite delaying a lot of features. And apple is not an exception. I have been talking a lot about procrastination and how it helps me burst with creativity, this ted talk is another reaffirmation of the same. We have been saying people to achieve everything faster, do everything sooner and never miss out any opportunity. It is always better to do the job perfectly even if takes some time. The perfection and the value addition makes a huge difference.

It’s okay to think a lot, its okay to take your own sweet time to refine, its perfectly fine to revisit your ideas and revamp your vision for the n’th time. But never let the process take away your dream from you. Keep trying and keep believing in yourself, your ideas can change, but your effort and perseverance can’t. This is the reaffirmation I tell myself always to keep me going.

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