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Whenever we do some mistake and try to generalise the mistake we conveniently ignore self from that. Every future reference talks about the general population as if we don't belong there. This selective representation helps us cope up and make us believe that we are not part of the problem. In reality, we hold a rather important place in the very existence of the problem. We hold this hypocritical stand where we excuse ourselves from the problem and try to blame them or worst offer them a solution without implementing it ourselves. This won't help us at any point of time. We need to empathise, understand and self evaluate before making any suggestion or accusation. #SaturdayThoughts #Thoughts #Quotes #InstaQuotes #DailyQuotes #ThoughtForTheDay #InstaBlog#InthaPasangaleIppadiThaanNeengaVaangaDoliNuSolravanaMattumNambiratheenga

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