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All of us are passionate about something and taking an initiative is one of the biggest struggles for us. Even if we take those initiatives we struggle to take it forward and as time passes we take a plunge on ourselves and say its okay to let go of something. We abandon our dreams, initiatives, efforts, needs and everything and move on with our lives. And our fast-paced life won't give us any time to think about our abandonment. We grow old and our abandoned activities haunt and fill us with regrets and many more things. Before abandoning something think twice or rather thrice. It is always better to face multiple failures in the present rather than facing regret in the future. #TuesdayThoughts #Thoughts #DailyQuotes #Quotes #InstaBlog #InstaQuotes#AthavathuInaikuMatchVelayaadiThothalumParavaailaVelayadamaIrukrathuThappu#AppuramPannikalamnuVittathuThaanPinnadiVanthuAdikkum

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