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A mentor is someone who helps us in understanding our journey and make it better. But we don't choose our mentor by searching for one. When the time is right your mentor will be present but you should be able to identify and embrace them. Embracing your mentor is the key to your journey. Your mentor might be anyone, your mentor might come from unexpected places in unexpected mode and your mentor can be anyone but you should be the one to discover them in your journey. Your journey defines you and helps you in discovering your mentor, rather don't search for a mentor without exploring your journey. Without exploring your journey you shouldn't expect a mentor to be discovered. #MondayMotivation #Quotes #InstaBlogging #InstaBlog #ThoughtAggregator #ThoughtForTheDay #DailyQuotes #InstaQuotes#PoraEdamMudivuPannituMapThedanumKedaikraMapVechuEdathukuPogaKoodathu

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