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Change is inevitable. Change is the only thing that doesn't change and we know tonnes and tonnes of quotes with respect to change. We all know the importance of change yet we struggle to adapt. We need to tune our mind to accept and have to be open towards the change. When we don't prepare for the change, the change will be our worst nightmare. It stops us from moving forward, in fact, it locks our movement altogether. We fear the change and thus our journey slumps and then stumps. Whereas if you prepared your mind for the change, it will be ready to adapt, it helps you in understanding the new and makes you more vigil and pushes your limit. #SundayThoughts #Thoughts #InstaBlogging #InstaBlog #Quotes #InstaQuotes #AthavaathuInaikkuNightUpmaNuMindaReadyPannitomNaUpmaSaapdrathuPRachanayeIlla#AthuUpmavaIrukkalaamIdlyaIrukkalaamGothumaDosayaKoodaIrukkalaam

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