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Rachel Botsman TED Talk

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Trust is one of the key factors of human growth. But what is the role of trust in society? How trust plays the key in defining the direction of society is the core idea of this wonderful TED talk by Rachel Botsman. In this talk, she explains the evolution of trust over the years and how this evolution helps us in developing further. This is one of the talks which makes us revisit the notion of trust. Watch it and you will understand what I was trying to say.

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Trust is one of the most important qualities which has a huge impact directly and indirectly in all our lives. Who do we trust, what do we trust defines our lives, choices, and approach. Of all the things discussed what intrigued me in this talk is the journey of trust. Our shift from institutions to strangers may look strange but in reality, we trust people. Three stages of trust are Belief in idea, Belief in the platform, and then Belief in other users. Here, we were able to relate ourselves with the other users because they are in the same boat as we are.

We believe in strangers or rather the users because the needs of both people are the same. As mentioned in the talk, you can’t see the elites suffering or even apologizing for their mistakes. By the end of all these instances, one thing is clear – “Our needs are different from the needs of the institution.” The ideologies and the needs are not aligned so it won’t be possible to trust the institution whereas the needs and wants of the two individuals are aligned, it is easy to trust them. Trust is the key to enable change and innovation. We trust strangers because the idea and platforms make us realize that they are also people like us. We are not trusting strangers, we are trusting people like us who are looking for the same thing we are looking for.

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