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Roger Antonsen Ted Talk

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They should teach ____________ instead of Algebra in schools. You can fill anything you want in the dash. This is one of the most common words we hear and Mathematics takes the blow always. Is Algebra, trigonometry really useless in our day-to-day lives? Do they have no significance in our practical lives? Watch this wonderful talk by Roger Antonsen to know more about Math. You might actually start enjoying math after this talk for sure.

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Mathematics is a language that helps us represent things and helps us in understanding patterns. This might be a vague statement but as mentioned in the talk by Roger, it helps us see things in perspective. A mathematical equation says you can see the same thing in different ways and both represent the same. Isn’t that called empathy? isn’t that necessary for all of us to see things from a different perspective?

Math helps us notice patterns, math helps us realize things look different in parts but as a whole, it might be entirely different. A series of straight lines can become a curve and the curve can be represented in a simple equation. This helps us in understanding the thing better. If you need to understand something on a deeper level then you must be able to see it in different ways. That’s the principle of mathematics. A large chunk of this philosophy is lost in translation. Math is like classic literature and it looks different at different stages of life and gives you a different meaning each and every time you visit it. It kindles your imagination and helps you seek the meaning of things you don’t understand.

Math is not something that is away from reality nor something that curbs your imagination. Math is a tool to help you train your brain to change the perspective. When our brain becomes flexible we can understand things better.

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