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If we look at our social circles deeply it is always with similar people. We get along with people who are similar to our interests, thoughts, and of course socioeconomic status. We might get to know a lot of people in terms of numbers but all of them are based on the factor that we all are similar. They restrict our reach, opportunities, and thoughts. In this talk, Tanya Menon speaks about how to expand your social circle truly and how it is a great thing.

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This is one of the most interesting Talks in the 100 Days 100 Thoughts series. So in this wonderful talk titled, “The secret to great opportunities? The person you haven’t met yet” Tanya Menon talks in detail about widening your social circle by meeting and interacting with the people with whom you usually won’t interact, interacting with the people with whom you don’t agree and the list goes on.

But beyond those opportunities, beyond those expanding horizons, what intrigued me in this understanding and exploring their world. We all perceive our own world. We fail to recognize the existence of another world. Funnily real world is a superset of all these worlds and our perceived world is a small subset of the real world. By learning and interacting with the dissimilar people, the people who we don’t find interesting, the people we think might not be of any help and so on, we can learn more about their world and in turn, we can explore a part of the real world beyond our perceived world.

Widening your social circle beyond your interests, similarities, and likes will give you more opportunities to understand the real world and lets you explore much more in life. This widening exposure will help you make your journey better and make you a better human being. Not only you become compassionate but you become an agent of compassion, from being a person who understands the difference you become a person who spreads the knowledge of the different worlds. You become an agent of change which helps in the betterment of the species and the society. All these philosophical explanations won’t make your life boring rather it makes your life much more interesting and these philosophies are just the byproducts of your interesting life.

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