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Tapiwa Chiwewe - TED TAlk

Hello Folks !!

Most of the times in our lives we come across a problem and we feel we are powerless to solve it. We feel bad about it, and then we move on. When we get the question later, why didn’t you act on it, the easiest answer we always give, what could have been done by me, I am just a common man who had no power to change. For all of us, this wonderful TED Talk by Tapiwa Chiwewe is the answer. Watch this wonderful talk on the topic “You don’t have to be an expert to solve big problems”.

Welcome Back !!!

Dr Tapiwa Chiwewe is a research manager in IBM Africa, he closely works with AI Solutions. He went all his way to find a solution to air pollution monitoring because on one fine morning he felt it is a problem to be solved. All of us come across this situation in our lives, we feel bad, we don’t act. That’s the one huge difference. The same with our dreams too right? We have a dream but we convince ourselves that it is too big to achieve and live our life to regret later. We don’t have to do either of it.

You don’t have to be an expert to solve a problem you care about. You just need to be ready to learn about it, all you just need is the attitude of whatever it takes. Push push push until it is achieved. Learn, unlearn, relearn and put some effort the problem deserves, and just see how things move in your favour.

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