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So how many of you folks had your heart broken in your lives. Heartbreaks are something inevitable and what happens next always defines our lives. In this wonderful talk titled “How to fix a broken heart”  Guy Winch explains in detail what happens when we go through heartbreak and how to fix it. This is one of the videos which never gets old and you learn new things every time you watch. Let’s not talk further and go to the TED Talk right away !!!!!

Welcome Back, Folks !!

I loved this talk for two reasons. First of them is, Guy Winch explains what heartbreak does to us. He says that the heartbreak creates an emotional pain that our mind might be guiding us to the wrong path. He says, we cannot trust our mind at this juncture and the instincts we rely on a regular time might not help us at this juncture. We will be forced to find a non-existent dramatic reason for the same. It is basically a wild goose chase as we know, yet we don’t want to agree. We go for it even after knowing it is the rabbit hole. Also, studies show that withdrawal of love is similar to the withdrawal of addictive substances like cocaine. This clearly shows the severity of the heartbreak.

Guy Winch clearly says that getting over heartbreak is not at all a journey but rather a fight. He mentions that our reason is our strongest weapon in this fight. We might miss our partner’s text, our partner’s presence, our partner’s care, and many more, but we do know why our partner left or why we left our partner. We know how they made us feel. We still remember the trauma and the grind we went through before calling it quits.

Let us not idealize the person who broke our heart. Let us see them for who they are. This is the most important first step one has to take to understand and accept the heartbreak. Now that we accept the same, the second step is the crucial one. Heartbreak creates a void, it makes us feel shallow from inside. We tend to miss an awful lot of things. We feel empty from the inside. This is when we start idealizing our partner and enter back into toxic partnerships or rather we stay in toxic partnerships for the fear of the same. We are afraid of this emptiness. So we either stay or try to go back.

Never ever ever ever do that. We have removed something from our system, so definitely there is emptiness, identify the emptiness and fill it with something else, something new, something refreshing, and something that makes you happy. Fill those exact gaps with different things, and not go back to our assumed comfort zone, it was a mess and we know it yet this heartbreak makes us think otherwise. Don’t be manipulated by it, just fight against it.

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