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How to see past your own perspective and find truth | Michael Patrick Lynch

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Truth !! Fact !! We tend to dismiss these two words as opinions and perspectives. They are not the same. In this wonderful and much-needed TED Talk, Michael Patrick Lynch talks on the topic “How to see past your own perspective and find the truth” watch this talk to understand how we should see beyond our biases and the existence of the fact which we shouldn’t deny. Without further ado, watch this wonderful talk below.

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In his talk, Michael Patrick Lynch clearly says that Knowledge Polarisation is a human problem. We commit mistakes based on our understanding of the subject, it is common but just because we haven’t seen the entire thing we can never say that only we are right or the other side is just their perspective.

There are two big problems that need to be spoken about. The First is “Truth doesn’t exist” and the second is “Only my side is right, rest is fake”. These statements are the biggest problems we are facing right now. The first problem “Truth doesn’t exist” shows the attitude of staying well in the comfort zone and failing to see the obvious. In society, we just think by ignoring the statements of few people we think that it is just a perspective and it doesn’t exist. By this attitude we are dismissing the suffering of people, we are dismissing the past and we are denying that problem exists. There can’t be a version of truth for everything, 2 + 2 can never become 5. It is just the fact. By dismissing the existence of a fact/truth we are not allowing ourselves to think beyond the word perception. Most of the time, the truth is uncomfortable and won’t align with our pre-existing thoughts. It is okay to be wrong. We just need to be open to thoughts and open to the idea that we can be wrong. That can solve this problem.

The second problem, “Only my side is right” is the violent one. The first problem might not be violent but they won’t stand against the second problem which is even more dangerous. Only my side is right is what a blind loyalty can do to you. We are seeing people who are the sufferers ignore the fact that they have been let down and still support the ideology. Eradicating this is tougher because the former one is about accepting that we can be wrong, but here it is accepting our ideology or values can be wrong. We always keep ideology in an ideal state and bend the rules and understanding so that it stays intact in a utopian state. But we need to go beyond that, only if we question our ideology we can improve, or else we will become stagnant and won’t grow further.

Let’s be open, let’s listen to others, let’s accept that Truth and fact exist. We are not always right and we don’t have to be right always.

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