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Aren’t we all fascinated by the future? We all want to know how our future looks but we are never ready for the consequences that follow. We all are attracted by the flashy covers but fail to read the fine print. So what one must do to read that? We must live the future in present. In this wonderful talk, Anab Jain explains how they are imagining and living different futures and trying to solve the potential problems from the future. Watch her TED Talk on the topic “Why we need to imagine different futures” in the link below.

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You might be thinking, why am I sharing this video? There is this interesting book called The Secret by Rhonda Byrnes. That is a very long book which says a simple thing called, the law of attraction and goes a step further saying you live like you already have what you wanted. For example, if you want to become a millionaire, manifest the thought that you are a millionaire and then live that way. This is dangerous, toxic and not at all the right way to approach. Especially if it’s something serious. Let’s not talk too much about The Secret but the major issue I had is toxic positivity.

In this talk, Anab’s envisioning different futures to tackle the consequences apart from the greats we can achieve. Science fiction can give us a sneak peek but it is our thinking which plays the major role here. We need to think laterally, we need to live the future in our present. It is not just about technical gadgetry but rather the life we want to lead, the world we want to live. We need to manifest our future and work towards it, the journey and the destination won’t be just beds of roses and the journey further won’t be easy either. Preparing for the worst-case scenario equips us better for the future.

The future is happening fast and it is overwhelming for us to grasp what’s going on so we just let it happen. It is good sometimes to let things just happen but when we face the consequences we feel very bad, we feel powerless, we feel lost. That’s exactly the thing we must avoid in the future. We have a vision, we are working towards it, we are manifesting that vision and living the good weather of that vision. The winter is coming and you are not ready for it, then no one can save you. Envision the winter in Westeros, prepare yourself to face the white walkers and imagine yourself as the King in the North and be prepared. It’s okay if it ended badly, it’s okay if nothing major happened, it’s okay if it’s not chaos as you imagined but you fought that battle in your mind and you won that battle. That’s what important and only that matters.

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