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Laura Vanderkam TED Talk

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All of us want to do something great in our lives. We want to achieve something and have lots and lots of dreams but what stops us from doing that? Our common answer would be we don’t have time to do that. Then how do we gain the time? Then you must watch this wonderful TED Talk by Laura Vanderkam on the topic “How to gain control of your free time”. It is enlightening, refreshing and makes us understand what are we doing. Watch this wonderful talk below.

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This is basically an eye-opener for me. All of us tend to say we find it difficult to get time. We don’t have time to do that is something we tend to say very often. And funnily we spend more time searching for ways to find the time. Laura says an important point in this talk, if we need something we will do that, we will find time to do that. Priority plays the key here. If you badly need something you would somehow find ways to do it.

Laura says that we need to find what our priorities are and only then we can sort it out. Always we are overwhelmed by many things, we see abundant of things and wish we do all of those but we get carried away and feel miserable at the end of the day. This talk is like a slap on my face. I tend to give the excuse of I don’t have time often. I never gave that excuse for my profession but I gave that excuse always for my personal life. Even now I won’t change my decisions but I would rather find an alternative to finish my personal works. The thing with priority is you can’t say no to that, if you have that kind of priority then you would find ways to do things.

Time is elastic, it is flexible, it shows you the way if your intent is clear. Next time before you say I don’t have time think well, rather take some time and sort to which you are okay to say I don’t have time. Like Laura says, sort out your priorities think about what you want to do, what are your priorities on a Friday afternoon, fix it up the things you want, time will present itself.

In this series of 100 Days 100 Thoughts, I will be sharing 100 TED Talks that I enjoyed the most, I savoured the most and which made me think. You can check out the list at the link below.

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