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A better way to talk about love | Mandy Len Catron | Day 57 - 100 Days 100 Thoughts

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Love – one thing which we all want. Romance is the most romanticized word. We glorify a lot of things in love and we glorify it in different ways. We have been using a lot of negative words to describe love. It’s strange that those words have been romanticized by many of the great authors and in this wonderful TED talk, Mandy Len Catron comes up with a better way to talk about love. Listen to the talk in the link below.

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This is one of the most important talks. The way we talk about love is scary and just not right. Right from falling in love to smitten to various other words we use to describe love taken in any other context won’t count as a positive word. As Mandy Len Catron says in the talk, “the history of western culture had tonnes and tonnes of references equating love to mental illness”. This ranges from William Shakespeare to Nietzsche to many of the modern poets and lyricists.

She refers to her own romantic experience which was toxic but had an adequate adrenaline rush to make her think this is what love is. What made her think that way? History and literature. She quotes a study from 1999 which shows similar serotonin levels for newly in Love and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.

What makes us think of Love this way?  I would end this by quoting her again, “This is the real madness because there is no cosmic rule that says that great suffering equals great reward, but we talk about love as if this is true.

Mandy introduces us to the linguists Mark Johnson and George Lakoff and their way of seeing love as a Collaborative work of art. This gives us positive reinforcement on the great things of love and helps us view love in a positive way. By doing so we don’t have to suffer and no need to glorify the pain and suffering.



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