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Day 23 — Intermittent Fasting | Cynthia Thurlow | 100 Days 100 Thoughts

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Yesterday we saw in detail about the healthy food on the occasion of World Food Day. Feasting is great but what’s better than that? Fasting. Just imagine you are working out daily and giving more and work to your muscles but you just skip the recovery process, what would happen? Intermittent Fasting is a wonderful way to streamline your calories intake and make your body healthier. Watch this talk of Cynthia Thurlow on the topic Intermittent Fasting: Transformation Technique.

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By now, all of us might have been familiar with the Intermittent Fasting techniques and its projection as the one great diet that helps all of us to lose weight. But Don’t see it as a weight loss diet at all. Famous nutritionist Luke Coutinho uses the term Lifestyle while defining Intermittent Fasting. The key point mentioned in the video is to eat within a restricted window and reduce snacking. That I feel is the key to restricting calories intake.

We are accustomed to snacking so much that we are looking for healthy snacks, low calory snacks and the list goes on. Take 2 — 3 large meals and no snacks in between and you can see the difference in your energy levels. Skipping breakfast is the best thing I have been doing for a while. Eat if you are hungry, you can skip the dinner if you are a morning person. I am not generally fond of breakfast and this helps me work better than when I am in a fed state.

And the other points she mentions in the video are eating good fats and fewer carbs. Load your food with veggies and protein. To any weight loss, the calorific deficit is the key but by performing Intermittent Fasting you are not only achieving calorific deficit but many good things which makes you healthier.

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