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Day 24 — Physical Activity | Arto Pesola | 100 Days 100 Thoughts

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We are talking about healthy eating, weight loss and leading a healthy life. But we are missing an important aspect, which is nothing but physical activity. Watch the talk of Arto Pesola on the topic of Physical Activity Paradox.

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Arto points out the biggest problem in our education system. Sitting down it is. In schools, offices and many other places, we are spending more than 90% of our time sitting. Sitting is creating more complications than anything else. Today we are seeing exercises as a tool to enable weight loss. As science says you can achieve that with just calorific deficit but exercise has plenty to offer.

First of all, we have to do is incorporate a lot of physical activity which we are lacking. Blaming on the nature of the work is the easiest way out but it doesn’t solve the problem. Keep a reminder to move for every 30 minutes. Keep a smaller water bottle so that you go and fill it up every once. Ensure that you walk at least 7k steps each day and try to push your limits. And while having a walk please just walk, don’t use any gadgets. Try these to have some connection with nature which we are losing.

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