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Day 18 — Power of Privilege | Michael Yates | 100 Days 100 Thoughts

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A couple of days ago, I came across a status is facebook by one of my Writer friends. The status is as follows, “If you’re in a position to romanticise failure and talk about your learning’s from it or have millions of other opportunities lined up or if failure isn’t putting your life at an abrupt stop or your loved ones in threat or your meals at stake, take a minute (or more) to acknowledge your privilege and move on with life.- Nanditha Hariharan” Her status made me rethink all I have been doing so far. I have been telling to many of my friends regarding failure as a learning process but the one point I failed to acknowledge is the privilege. This makes a whole lot of difference. Watch this talk by Michael Yates on the topic of Recognizing Privilege: Power to All People.

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This not only talks about white privilege but every other privilege. Just imagine, we are talking a lot about healthy foods but do we consider the fact that we are privileged to choose among the plethora of options? We are advising people to follow certain diet but do we realise that diet is a privileged term? I have had the thought that being the best critic to you and your dear ones make them better and help us and them achieve better, but do we realise that in that process we are killing the soul in it? Being the harsh critic on yourself might be a good thing but setting the same standards without recognising the privilege you own makes is worst for the people around you.

Recognise the privilege and be kind to the people around you. Take a backpack full of power and achieve the position of power. Closing the gap is necessary and for that recognise that you do have the privilege. I have been pathetic to many people by not recognising the privilege I had and having, I am shedding it on my way to close the gap. This might not be an overnight phenomenon but it is the first step towards it. I am taking this opportunity to ask for forgiveness from all the people I might have hurt without recognising my privilege. More power to all of us for a better future.

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