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Day 19 — Power of Grit | Angela Lee Duckworth | 100 Days 100 Thoughts

Howdy Folks !!

Hope you all are enjoying the happiest day of the week. Sunday is a day which gives most of us some time sit back and think about the week. This is the time for us to lay back and think and think of all the memories. I did the same too. I have been saying a lot about success, failure and keep pursuing our passion but what is the one thing that makes a person succeed in it? The answer to it is wonderful and it is wonderfully narrated by Angela Lee Duckworth. The topic is Grit: The Power of Passion and perseverance.

Welcome Back !!

We are pretty much aware that success relies on passion and perseverance. What’s new here is how to develop the grit in you. Also, the necessity of the growth mindset has been insisted on clearly. So, how to instil a growth mindset in adults like us who are stuffed with preconceived notions? This is where the role of Role Models comes in. Many people have proved that talent is not the key to achieve something. If you are passionate about something and chase it continuously you can succeed. This is the growth mindset we need to instil.

Just like the speaker says, Life is not a Sprint rather it is a marathon. I remember seeing a similar comparison for a weightloss regime by Tanvi Shah. She says your weight loss journey is a marathon and you need to build your stamina for the same. Any goal is achievable if you have the grit. To instil grit, you need to be passionate and that passion drives you to persevere. For all this, passion is the key and if you are passionate about something you will go on. There will come a stage where a failure will hurt you and stump your growth. That is when you have to remember that this is your passion and you are just one more step behind in achieving your goal. Keep it moving and by achieving through perseverance you are not only paving way for others but you are opening many avenues for the rest of the world.

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