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100 Days 100 Thoughts | Day 17 — Laura Schmidt

Howdy Folks !!

How to lead a healthy life? Eat healthy foods. Why aren’t we eating healthy foods? We are addicted to unhealthy foods. Why are we addicted to unhealthy foods and what can be done to get past that? Watch this excellent talk by Laura Schmidt.

Welcome Back !!

So industrialisation is the enemy and in the process of sustaining the business sustainability of humankind took a back seat. All of us know the white concentrated powder called sugar is the villain and we need to get away from the sugared foods. But as the speaker says we are forced to buy and we need to change the lifestyle and marketing of those products to achieve the same. That is not remotely possible as the corporations have the power. Rather we as the people create the demand for healthy foods and move towards that.

As we all know that the small grains were ignored once and now it is the superfood. Ghee and coconut were vilified once and now it is a superfood. Industrialization may be the villain but it is who leads them to grow stronger. Although I agree with the majority of the points and also agree that the marketing techniques of the unhealthy foods are taking away the people, I strongly believe that as a customer it is in our hands to drive the market to suit the needs. Our needs created Keto-Friendly menus in restaurants. Our needs created Vegan-friendly menus in the restaurants. It is in our hands to create demand for the same and by doing so we are saving our species from destruction.

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