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100 Days 100 Thoughts | Day 16 — Steve Chapman

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Discouragement — The biggest enemy for us to move forward. Discouragement often comes from the closest ones knowingly or unknowingly. But the worst form of discouragement always comes from our inner critic. You can easily move beyond the criticism of the loved ones but the inner critic ensures its victory. So, what can be done? Do we have 3 step process to follow and overcome the hurdles and discouragement created by the inner critic? Watch this wonderful speech by Steve Chapman.

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Just like Stress, deadlines and so on, Inner Critic is also one of the necessary evils. We can say to ourselves that we have done excellent and fool the world but our inner critic won’t let us sleep. Our inner critic poses a big threat of not letting us attain some peace. But in reality, nobody in the world dares to do that to us. Only Inner Critic has the quality to do that. Inner Critic helps us in stating the situation in the harshest way possible. On the surface, the inner critic seems to be destroying our confidence and makes us feel small. But deep down inner critic is ensuring that we are developing immunity towards the worst things.

When we try to push away that inner critic we become immune to the words of the world. Accept the medication of the inner critic. Learn to savour the same and develop a bonding with our inner critic. The inner critic may not be right every time but always has a point to make. What we do from the point made by the inner critic defines our growth. Learn to accept the fact that our inner critic is trying to help us build immunity and by dancing with our inner critic we are building a better self. Dancing with your worst enemy won’t happen overnight. Observe, learn and talk in detail with your inner critic. Try to make sense out of the words from Inner Critic. You will not regret later in your life.

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