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100 Days 100 Thoughts | Day 15 — Oded Shoseyov

Howdy Folks!!

Inspiration — this is the most common word we have been hearing. Inspiration is the key for every one of us to move forward. But where do we find inspiration? Isn’t it the toughest task? especially when we are stuck. Say no more and just watch this wonderful talk by Oded Shoseyov on the topic, “How we’re harnessing nature’s hidden superpowers.”

Welcome Back !!

Now you may find this topic a bit odd from the rest of the talks. This is mainly to show and establish the idea mentioned by the speaker at the end. If you want a new idea you should open an old book and it is none other than nature. Understand and embrace nature’s gift. Only then we can become better.

Just look at all the inventions; nature plays the key role in all those inventions. It is always nature which is helping us in evolving. Throughout our lives, we are thinking of winning nature and seeing it as a hurdle. Nature never thinks the same way, it provides you with a solution and we just don’t look at it the right way. Embrace nature, learn from it and evolve.

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