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100 Days 100 Thoughts | Day 7 —Amy Herman

Howdy Folks !!

We saw about Slow Motion Multitasking and how it can help us excel and explore. I gave an example of one of the most exciting personality I have ever known: Richard Feynman. I also mentioned about his tryst with Art. But you might have had a doubt of how Art will help in enhancing oneself in something, not at all related to it. Watch this wonderful TED Talk of Amy Herman on the topic “A Lesson on looking.

Welcome Back !!

Looking at art is something we tend to miss a lot. But I felt that instead of saying what she said, an interesting analogy might gel with all of you better. Just like Sherlock says, “You see but you don’t observe.” This is what we are doing the majority of the time. We look at things, but are we looking closely? Let it be observing a painting, a movie or any form of visual art, are we giving it the attention it deserves? That is all it needs to be done.

The speaker told a lot about observing or looking at art gives you perspective and helps you understand things better. But how to start this? It is so easy for the speaker to say observe/ look at art in a critical view and you can see the change. Let me share what is the advice I got from a dear friend when I asked the same regarding movies. It is not an overnight phenomenon. Let it be a photograph or movie. Watch and observe it and see the critical views/ perspective views of various people. This gives you a great idea about how different people view a piece of work differently. This gives you perspective and next time when you watch a piece of art you start viewing it in your own lens. By opening up yourself to different views you are eliminating the biases and expanding your horizons.

This is what it needs to be done to explore and enjoy art. In the process of observing and exploring don’t forget to enjoy the art, that is essential too.

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