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100 Days 100 Thoughts | Day 8 — Simone Giertz

Howdy Folks!

After heavy duty talks for the past 7 days, I thought why not have some fun. When I was browsing through the list of TED Talks, this caught my attention and oh boy! You will love it. All of us are passionate about something but what stops us from pursuing it is what matters. Yes, I consciously used the term pursuing rather than achieving or excelling. This is the problem with many of us and so here comes a wonderful talk by Simone Giertz on the topic Why you should make useless things.

TED Talk of Simone Giertz

Welcome back !!!

It is so much fascinating to see that all of our passion somewhere ends up with the thought What am I going to achieve by doing it. This is an eye-opening talk for me because it changed my course of action in terms of blogging. Many of you might have known that I write about movies in my blog. So I started as a reviewer and always puzzled about what movie to review, what kind of movies to talk about and so on. The number of discussions I had about what can be done and what gives traction and so on can be stacked up to make an encyclopaedia all by itself. The problem with all those explorations was that I never cared about the content I wanted to share rather I was so interested in what can be done to make it successful. This sounds so ironic and hypocritical at various levels for a person who blogs for passion. Yes, that is what we are doing or in this case, I was doing. Concentrating on what is useful, what will lead me to success and is there any plan behind the posts and so on.

TED Talk of Simone Giertz

On the surface, it all looks good but when you go on those roads, you fail to enjoy the travel and glued to the destination. Who knows, we might never get a chance to take a road or worst take another trip so why glued only to the destination rather than enjoying the road. This lead to writing my heart out and I felt so good on sharing out those thoughts. It gives you joy. Do what gives you joy, it can be useless in the traditional context but giving joy is never useless in a personal context. If you want to buy an instrument and play? Just go buy it, don’t think if you have a future with it, don’t think if the investment will fetch you anything in return or any of those thoughts. If you think you will enjoy playing it, learning it or exploring it then don’t less the traditional definition of “Do something useful” stop you from doing it. I just gave it as an example, this holds true for anything and everything.

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