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100 Days 100 Thoughts | Day 6 — Tim Harford

Howdy Folks !!

It is so easy to say that you need to keep pushing until you succeed. It is very easy to say perseverance is the key to achieve. It is very much easy to ask people to try until they succeed. But we never answer how to do it. Today’s video is Tim Harford’s talk on the topic “A Powerful way to unleash your natural creativity.” Watch this video and you will never regret even for a second.

Welcome Back !!

I consciously avoided the term multitasking from my introduction about the video, because I want you to watch the video with the mystery intact. Slow-motion multi-tasking is the buzz word for this post and in the video. He mentioned a lot of people and how they excelled with the help of multi-tasking. In the video, he mentions about a scientist called Richard Feynman. If time permits or not, please do give a read to his biography titled, “Surely, You’re not joking Mr Feynman.” He is one of my first and foremost inspiration in life. He is a physicist, he nearly found something great in Biology, he is a master Safe Cracker, he exhibited a number of paintings and he played the Bongos for a Ballet group. This is not to brag and hail the genius but in his biography, we see his natural curiosity formed the root of all exploration. He never curtailed his curiosity to one particular area. He gave time for each of it. That made him not only explore everything but made him live life to the fullest. You can see that whatever he did might not be related to his prime work but it helped him creatively to excel.

We get tired, we get stuck at one point of time and at this moment we will need something to distract and start fresh. The distraction being another task we love and wish to explore will help us in ways we can’t imagine. When I started this series along with my 28 Days of Workout in Instagram many said me to do one thing at a time. But Trust me, I get my ideas during my workouts. Those workouts are becoming a part of the process although I haven’t intended it to be so. Keep your basket full, and explore each and every item in your cart and do not worry. At the end of the day, it is your cart, if you can’t try who else will try it for you.

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