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What really causes addiction? is a simple question but the answer to this question has been complicated largely by us. We have always approached addiction in a different manner and to escape that we always preferred the carrot and stick approach. We never really understood the root cause and tried to clear that. In this TED Talk by Johann Hari, the title of the talk is “Everything you think you know about addiction is wrong.” This indeed changes entirely how we approach addiction. Watch this wonderful ted talk to understand the root cause.


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In this talk, Johann clearly explains the root cause of addiction and why do we choose addiction. He terms it as bonding rather than mentioning it as addiction. Johann says how addiction can be eradicated by making people inclusive rather than isolating which further increases the chance of relapse. He gives the example of Portugal which had the highest rate of addiction on how it shed the carrot stick approach and opted for an inclusive approach and the promising result of the same.

This shows a very important thing that people opt or rather give in for addiction because of the lack of bonding, lack of familiarity, and lack of connection. When we lack these comforts and belonging we ache for something to feel good about. That’s when the addiction kicks on and takes a stronghold of the situation, when you are out of the cage you can be out of the prison. It is inclusivity and bonding which can help recover and remove addiction, not isolation and punishment.


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