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Frances Frei | TED TAlk Quotes

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Trust, building trust, rebuilding trust, all these words are super important for everyone to have a better space personally and professionally. It is equally important to build trust professionally not only personally. But how to build trust? Especially if it’s broken is there any way to build at all? Why it is so important to rebuild trust. We all know rebuilding trust is not so easy, but it is not impossible. So how can work on this? To all these questions Frances Frei answers in her excellent Ted Talk. Watch it below.

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In this talk, to build trust Frances Frei gives us three aspects to be worked upon. Those three aspects are Being Authentic self, Having a rigorous logic and being empathetic towards the other person. She also explains what are the aspects that can go wrong in these three factors and how to develop and strengthen these aspects.




Authentic – Rigour logic – Empathy directed towards you.

Trust is threatened.


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