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Can we eat Parotta?

Parotta – carries a lot of emotion down south. Long before Briyani, Parotta carried a lot of emotions. Parotta is basically a Maida based flatbread known for its taste, layered structure and excellent side dishes. The Parotta is unique to the south and not to be confused with Parathas, which are whole-wheat flour-based flatbreads with or without stuffing. Parottas are the street food famous in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Parottas are available in various versions and each version holds a unique taste and defines the locality. Malabar parotta in Kerala, Bun Parotta in Madurai, Border Parotta Kadai in Kutraalam and so on.

The origin of the dish is hard to trace yet, it is now an identity to many places. Madurai Bun Parotta, Border Parotta Kadai holds a big deal of emotional value. Exploring those authentic places is pure indulgence.

Having said that, it is wise to not include Parotta in your staple diet as it is majorly made from Maida which has ample issues all by itself. Parotta is majorly Maida, Oil (soaked and drenched in oil) and salt. some other versions use Milk, Eggs and sugar added to give a better structure. More than the ingredients the skill of making it plays a huge role and that adds a great deal of experience to us. Due to high carb and fat content, the dish is very high on calories with very less nutritional value. Also, the inclusion of Sugar and Maida makes it addictive.

Parottas are consumed with Salna (Stew), Veg Kurma, Curries and also as Kothu. Kothu is basically the pan-fried shredded parottas with the stew or eggs or curries. A good amount of Eggs or meat or vegetable kurma makes this dish better than the normal parotta, as the former depends on how much side dish you consume. Healthy alternatives of Parotta made with Whole Wheat Flour is also becoming popular among the health-conscious people. As the Parotta’s making is replicated with whole-wheat flour. Wheat Parotta has a unique taste on its own and replicates the layered texture of Parotta but cannot match the taste of the actual parotta though.

Can we consume it? How and where?

You can indulge in parottas once in a while. Also, If you are interested in consuming Parotta to enjoy the taste it is better you go to the authentic places rather than making it at home or buying the readymade Parottas. Mind the portion, if you are making at home you might make it in excess and consume more. When consuming Parottas, consume with more side dish or opt for a Kothu which adds more nutrition and feels more satiated. Or if you want to make a healthier version of it, try making Wheat Parotta, it is not only healthier also makes your leisure time much more pleasurable. The process of making a parotta is meditation all by itself and watching it too. If you haven’t checked the making of parottas, then please do check especially Madurai Bun Parotta and Border Parotta. It is better to avoid the readymade parottas as they tend to add vegetable fats and preservatives along with the Oil. Adding vegetable fat is the last thing we need in an already high calorific food. Also, buying readymade parottas will make you eat more as the pack contains more than one serving. Minding the frequency and portion forms the key in consuming these indulgence foods.

You can watch the video below to find the key points mentioned in this article about Parotta.





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