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"I am trying to protect you, not trying to control you" is the most common words we might have come across in many relationships. Overprotective, obsessive, and many more words are used to for being toxic and justify self and the world not only it is normal but rather it is a great thing. This is something very very bad and normalizes toxicity. The repercussions of the same are long term and it haunts people for eternity. All we need to do is identify the facade and call it out. Due to the normalization, people start believing it is the right thing to do and it is our duty to make them understand/realize what it is actually. That's the only way for a peaceful life.#DailyQuotes #Thoughts #InstaQuotes #MondayMotivation #InstaBlog #InstaQuotes#AthavathuAnneUnNallathukkuThaanSolrenNuSonnaleNambatheenga#CareVeraControlVeraMurugesa#AnneSonnaKelviKekathaNuSolluvanNambatha

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