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All of us have our own battles and our own struggles. The struggle is real and we are fighting hard and there is no doubt. But what we fail to accept is that everyone is having their battle and all of us are fighting hard and there is no point in comparing the struggles and put one down. No one is going to achieve anything by proving that someone is trying harder than others and some struggles are better than others. This is not a competition to prove anything, we need to empathize with each other and accept that they are battling with all their energy. There is no need to put one down or prove your superiority even in this. Lets all fight together and understand each other's fight and help each other rather than fighting which is the better fight. #WednesdayWisdom #Quotes #InstaQuotes #Thoughts #ThoughtForTheDay #IndruOruThagaval#AthavathuMay7PathiNaanEthuvumSollala#EllaKashtamumOnnuIllaAanaEllaKashtamumKashtameIllanuSolrathuThaanPrachana

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