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The topic not only intrigued me but felt necessary in this age of conflicting ideologies and constant disagreement. We all are using social media to post our views and we are facing backlashes. We are irritated, angered by the opposing views. In this Ted Talk, Eve Pearlman explains Dialogue Journalism where she brought Trump Supporters and Clinton Supporters together to have a dialogue. Listen to her TED Talk Below.

Welcome Back !!

Snark, shame, condescending doesn’t help. This is the thing we should know. We don’t try to see their side of the story. We are attached to our opinions and ideology much more than we should be. We are running a race to prove our point rather we should keep the community ahead of us. When we keep the community ahead of our ego, we won’t get personal, we do things that are necessary for the end result.

This is possible, we have seen it on Avengers, we have seen it in every Sports Movie. When you embrace your imperfection and empathize with other’s points of view then you can understand things better. Listening without any preconceived notion is the key to open more doors. We are stuffed with stereotypes against others and that stops us from understanding things from their perspective. Remove those blocks and try to see it from their perspective and that helps us in having a proper dialogue.

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