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Hello Folks !!!

This is the last post for the year 2020 in Thought Aggregator. The Title is intriguing but I wanted to talk a lot more in this post apart from the title. First, let us go through what is in the talk. Like this series, the speaker of this TED Talk was inspired by another TED Talk and wanted to explore more in that aspect. And what resulted is this beautiful TED Talk by Dessa. Dessa is a member of the collective Doomtree and has a lot of Solo Albums to her fold. Her solo albums are all melancholy and written with one person in mind. She wanted to explore why she is unable to let go of him and what can be done. Watch this TED Talk and know more about her experiment. Can we choose to fall out of love? Let’s listen to Dessa.

Welcome Back !!!

What a wonderful ride it was? Wasn’t it? There are multiple reasons for me to choose this TED Talk to end this year. It is indeed a real-life version of Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind. You can erase LOVE from your mind is the outcome of this talk. So Am I suggesting you erase love from your mind? Am I suggesting that for a breakup all you just needed is just a Neuroscientist Avengers Team? Am I suggesting that Love is just a blip and all you need to remove is some process?

Well, “No” isn’t exactly my answer, neither YES is. Actually, every emotion is valuable and it is not perennial. you gain weight and fat after a series of Binge Eating, then to lose all the weight you streamline your physical activity and nutritional intake. It is a slow and steady process but definitely, it is the right way to go about it. The process here we are talking about is training our muscles. Similarly, we don’t see our brain that way at all. We always feel that the brain is something beyond any training. Because of this, we fail to take care of our brains.

2020 was hard on our lives and it created a big dent in all our lives. It showed us our lives can be toppled, our mindset can be toppled, and exposed us to our vulnerabilities. This video shows, we can train our brain, we can increase our strength mentally and it is not just about LOVE, it is about all our emotions and vulnerabilities. Let us be hopeful about the next year. Let us not just give importance to our physical strength rather give some attention and importance to our mental strength and work on it. It is not impossible to attain but it is damn tough, but it is possible. So let’s start in 2021 with hope.

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