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Petter Johannsen - TED Talk

Hello Folks,

Advertisements, misinformation, myths, and manipulation. All these are different words or are they one and the same? Most of the time we are swayed away by the things we see, they influence our decisions and make us believe that it was a well-thought decision made by us carefully. But is it? Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are over, most of us have bought a lot of things which we thought we needed, do we really need that? Let’s say that you were planning to buy something for a long time and waited for the Black Friday deals, what made you wait and think about it.

Now, why am I asking so many of these questions? Petter Johannsen talks about these exact things in his TED Talk on the topic – “Do you really know why you do what you do?” Watch this wonderful talk and learn more about the same.

Welcome Back !!

What a wonderful talk, you can see this talk as an extremely positive talk or scaringly negative. Now we can see the problem is with excessive exposure. We are constantly exposed to biased opinions which leads us to make a decision that is not ours initially. This entirely changes the narrative we have been holding all these years. When we can’t find whether we have been manipulated or not, then it makes no sense to hold on to an idea like ours for a very long time. It is scary to think we are unaware of the manipulation but at the same time it is opening up the fact that you are always open to ideas. It gives us a chance to reinvent our ideologies, stands, affiliations, and choices. It shows how flexible we are than we think we are.

Above all, It shows that we can make a conscious choice to get lured or not. The window shopping we do in our browsers is our choice. We can give in or fight against by avoiding. And we don’t have to take the ideological fights to fanaticism rather, we can sit and discuss things in detail.


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