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Damon Davis gave this beautiful TED Talk around 2017. He made a powerful documentary about the killing of Michael Brown and the Ferguson Uprising. The documentary communicated the entire movement from the perspective of the activists. It gives us a new perspective and let us understand their pain, struggle, and their right. In this talk, Damon says how fear is a driving factor and how courage is born where the fear has taken control. He explains it with the example of the Ferguson Uprising and also says us what has to be done.

Welcome Back !!

If you are thinking that this 3-year-old video is still relevant and nothing has changed, then I would like to inform you that it is the same for a long time. The situation is still the same and there will always be a power that tries to instill hate and fear among us. Power relies on our fear, and fear is not our enemy. In Damon’s words, Fear is not there to cripple us rather fear is to protect us. Once we figure out how to use fear we can find our power.

This talk may not look as radical as many of the other talks I shared in this series. But aren’t we all curtailed by fear? The fear can be acceptance, domination, failure and the list goes on. In all these cases some form of Power is instilling fear in us and we make barriers for ourselves. We get comfortable within that boundary and we travel safely. But we need to go past that, we need to break barriers. Fear is not our enemy in breaking the barriers but rather fear is the harbinger to break barriers properly. Courage is born out of fear and embrace your fears and nurture courage. Then there is nothing to stop us from reaching our full potential which we are unaware of.

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