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Day 30 — The Skill of Humor | Andrew Tarvin | 100 Days 100 Thoughts

Howdy Folks !!

Humor as we know it is one of the most important things in everyone’s life. It can be enjoying humor or performing humor. Cracking a joke is something we fail to do often in our work spaces today. Is humor good? Is it necessary? Am i funny? What if I am not funny? What if people consider me a clown? What is the point of humor at work place? If you are having any or all of these questions then please do watch this video of Andrew Tarvin, where he says that Humor is a skill and how to go about that.

Welcome Back !!

Humor is one unique quality which we consider only at extremes. We either take comedy for granted or go with a grim face and never ever laugh. Including humor in our daily life is important. But we have more and more apprehensions regarding including humor. In the video, Andrew talks in detail about ways to perfect the skill of humor and also he talks humor to convey a point of view. Confrontation is something where humor can help us in a great way. Lets say you are wrong at a place and convey that you are wrong on a lighter note with a self mocking joke, it eases the situation and makes everyone comfortable which includes you too.

Similar to the above example, humor can be used to ease many situations in our workplace and our life. Developing humor sense has a lot to do with acceptance. Listen to more jokes, share more and more memes, learn a lot with all those point of views and above all that, tickle your funny bones. Humor helps not only understanding things better but rather understanding yourself better. Introspect yourself with the help of humor and see the difference in your life.

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