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Day 29 — The Art of Asking | Amanda Palmer | 100 Days 100 Thoughts

Howdy Folks !!

Hello from my side after a very long time. In today’s post, we are going to listen to the talk of Amanda Palmer, a brilliant singer, songwriter and musician. She is well known on the internet for a lot of reasons and controversy and Amanda Palmer are inseparable. Having said all that, this interesting talk of Amanda Palmer is something very important not only for all the artists but rather for all of us.

Welcome Back !!

First of all, before listening to this talk, I had the same issue as another member had regarding “asking”. It is all about the art of asking and Amanda Palmer says that she thinks it’s fair to ask as she was able to see the value proposition. It is absolutely essential for you to understand in terms of the value you are offering and the changes you are making in the lives of others. Once you know what you are offering then you can ask. We have been seeing asking as a sign of vulnerability and we see that asking will provide leverage to the people at the other end. But the silver lining here is you ask, but you don’t expect anything from the other end. This is what one should have in mind while asking.

I will leave the art of asking to the individuals but your attitude should be this. When you ask and have zero to minimal expectations that is when you can savour the things you get. Asking will take you the next level only if you level up the value proposition. In the above case, Amanda felt that her music is adding value to the lives of many and she started giving it for free and then asked for money. Today we are thinking of what we get if we offer something. This utilitarian attitude is curbing us from pushing ourselves and at the same time stalling the changes in society. Asking is not wrong, before asking, think what have we given to the world. Give more to the world and then ask.

P.S: Sorry to all my readers for my irregularity in posting. Will ensure I post more frequently if not daily and complete the series.

P.P.S: Something interesting is coming on this front. Planning to explore something interesting in a new platform.

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