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Day 27 – How to have a conversation | Celeste Headlee | 100 Days 100 Thoughts

Howdy Folks !!

Yesterday we saw in detail about the two mindsets and how each helps in sculpting ourselves. The speaker spoke in detail about the importance of scout mindset. In order to develop a scout mindset it is important to have more conversations. When I was thinking about that, I came across this wonderful talk by Celeste Headlee on the topic “10 ways to have a better conversation.”

Welcome Back !!

Isn’t wonderful if we can implement these ten wonderful rules to become a better conversationalist? As the speaker says all you need to do is follow at least one of these rules religiously. This helps you massively in having a great conversation. Among these 10 rules I would personally suggest all of you to give importance to few rules. I felt these rules were the most important ones.

Do not equate your situation to theirs. This is what I was doing for a long period of time. Yes, I too have faced similar situation is the beginning of the end of the conversation. By saying this you are stopping the other person from expressing their view. This stunts the conversation and starts preaching. Another rule I seriously consider the most important is, saying you don’t know if you don’t know. By saying so, you are letting the person educate you on the same. You are not only hiding the fact but also closing the doors.

The most important rule I feel is listen. You can have a great conversation only if you listen to the person you are having a conversation with. Only if you are listening then you can contribute and gather.

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