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Day 26 — Scout Mindset | Julia Galef | 100 Days 100 Thoughts

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Yesterday we saw about talking to strangers. Isn’t it great that we can share a great moment with a complete stranger without any inhibition? But what is it, that stopping us from doing that? And why are we defending our choices so much even if we are wrong? Let’s listen to this wonderful talk of Julia Galef on the topic, “Why you think you are right, even if you’re wrong.”

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Julia explains the two mindsets of Soldier mindset and Scout mindset in detail and the traits that pave the way for both. But what’s really fascinating here is that these mindsets are rooted in the emotions. She poses the question of what do you yearn for? and that decides your mindset. This is something interesting as the things we yearn for changes from time to time. And this is a wonderful thing we might have been conditioned with a soldier mindset but by understanding what we yearn for, we indeed can develop a scout mindset.

This says a lot about why we get offended often. In today’s society getting offended is a big issue. We are getting offended by anything and everything. That I feel is because of our soldier mindset taking control. All we need is just take a backseat, see what we yearn for? then we can initiate our scout mindset.

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