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Day 21 — Why Fad works | Jason Kilderry |100 Days 100 Thoughts

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Yesterday we saw a talk on why we are fat. When it comes to weight loss, the internet is filled with tonnes and tonnes of solutions. Lifestyle changes, fad diets, misinformation and lot more ideas which are not backed by any scientific data. So why does it work? What makes it interesting and what is the basis of all this? Watch this wonderful video by Jason Kilderry and understand the science behind it.

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As the speaker says, each of these fad diets follows a structure and avoids one particular macronutrient group. This, in turn, results in a calorific deficit and so the weight loss occurs. Eat right and move more should be the mantra but we are looking for easy alternatives for all of it. If we dig deep we can see that all these diets offer us an easy way out rather than spending some time to dig deep of our food.

One alarming fact is that the primary reason for death is Sitting disease which says about Cardiorespiratory Fitness(CRF) levels. Majority of the diets or the exercise regimes talks about the extremes which are not the right way to proceed or sustain. Our laziness is the key to the prosperity of the industry. Spending an hour to understand our food and giving a few minutes for every hour can only save us from making it worse.

P.S: The speaker of the talk Jason Kilderry passed away at an early age of 35 fighting cancer. He is an inspiration and lived full of life. Do give a read about Jason here.

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