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100 Days 100 Thoughts | Day 4 — Matt Walker

Howdy Folks !!

Yesterday we saw the brilliance of boredom. Today we are going to see another important aspect which we ignore. Yes, I am talking about sleep. There is a reason I wanted to talk about sleep right after boredom. Sleep is the one thing we take for granted. Need an assignment to be completed? Pull an all-nighter. Need to spend some time with a friend? Go for a night stroll. Need an interesting series to be completed? Binge watch on Netflix. And here comes the worst, You don’t feel like sleeping? Take your mobile and browse. This is what we are doing and I want all of us to realize what are we doing and the damages we have already done to ourselves. Watch this brilliant TED Talk by Matt Walker.

Image of Matt Walker from his TED Talk

Welcome Back !!

This is one such video where you shouldn’t even miss a single second. With our depreciating attention span, we tend to get carried away in less than 5 minutes. I don’t want that to happen for this video. I am sure you might have got a mild to a strong panic attack on knowing the consequences of the sleep deprivation. Or rather you might have to do the same even after knowing all of these.

Now you know, we don’t have a choice and sleep deprivation is the key to all of our failures. And we know very well that, due to lack of sleep we don’t see the results we have to see in our weight loss journey. Due to lack of sleep, we are unable to get hold of what we are good at. Due to lack of sleep, we are failing at everything. It has become a societal norm to show it as a badge of honor. First of all, we need to take that away. Lack of sleep is not something to be proud of.

Image of Matt Walker from his TED Talk

Second is that we need to give sleep the priority it deserves. Sleep is that generous friend we take for granted whenever we need something to take. But you should understand that generous friend will one day disappear and not only you won’t have anything to take but there is a huge possibility that you might not be there to take. So give Sleep its due importance.

Now above all, I am going to talk about one important point mentioned in the video which according to me is the most important of all. The paragraphs I have written above is nothing new to you. Yet I wrote for reinforcement of the same. The only important question we all have is, I don’t feel like sleeping what can I do? Most of us do the mistake of letting in the Mobile Monster to help us while we are unable to sleep. Mobile Phones are one of the best assistants in terms of making you efficient but when you let it into your bed, it takes away your sleep. Just do this simple step of putting your phone to silent and switch off your data before sleep. Keep it away from your bed and sleep. When you don’t see your phone, and not carried away by the monster you will get better sleep. And, do not make a habit of reading at your bed. The brain has to associate sleep with your bed. When you do all the tasks there it will make it more difficult. If you get an urgent task, move to your living room, finish it and come back to bed. Keep the place exclusive for sleep.

These are rules I follow for better sleep and it worked for me. I would like to know what are things which bothers you from getting good sleep.

  1. Keep your mobile in silent mode and switch off the data.
  2. Do not let anyone(even your loved ones) take control of your sleep.
  3. Make your bed and sleep. This helps me get into the mindset of sleep.
  4. Keep an alarm which doesn’t shock or rattle you.
  5. Stop using mobile at least 15 mins before sleep. I am trying to increase it to 30 mins.

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