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100 Days 100 Thoughts | Day 3 -Manoush Zomorodi

Yesterday we saw a brilliant video on Procrastination and how we can make the most out of it. Whenever we talk about procrastination boredom is one word we associate with it easily. Is boredom something we should be afraid of? Is getting bored one of the worst things to happen? Check out an excellent talk of Manoush Zomorodi on the topic How boredom can lead to your most brilliant ideas.

Image of Manoush Zomorodi in TED Talk

Welcome Back !!

Now you might have known very clearly that it is not the boredom which is our enemy but rather the tool or the activity we do to distract ourselves from boredom is the real enemy. We see that when all of us are doing something to distract us from thinking when we get bored. Think about it, how many time we have had a good time to just think? We get addicted to technology and think of it as a way of life. But in reality, we are empowering the technology and make them control us and we want to lament that technology has taken over.

Even during a drive, we turn towards technology to help us distract from thinking anything. When was the last time you remember seeing the world while travelling? The rush to catch the window seat is no more, we just board the bus, turn ourself into the Gadget Monster and let it choose and mentor us in doing what it wants to do. Games are good, songs are brilliant but are we savouring that is the big question. Make tiny changes in the way you are dealing with your boredom and you can very well see the changes in your life.

Image of Manoush Zomorodi in TED Talk

I drive to my work daily on my bike. I always thought, If I had an alternate mode I can do many other tasks. But in reality, I fail to see what I can do with the available tasks. I am having a good 1-hour drive, I am seeing a lot of people commuting. Each people say you a story which we fail to see. Every passenger carries a story, but all those are visible only if you are looking for a story. Do not submit yourselves to the tasks which do not let your brain free itself and recharge. Indulge yourself in things which lets you think.

This video says a lot about how our attention has been utilised and exploited by all. It is in our hands to take control of things and let go on the distractions. Give the mind its own time recharge, work and excel.

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