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Honour is a word we often come across in this society as something which we should uphold, comply and take care for the rest of our lives. Honour is nothing but a collective myth forced upon us to streamline the society to work in one particular way. The myth behind honour is a way society wants all of us to behave and prioritise our life, goals and journey. Any deviation from this will create chaos to the establishment, we don't have to comply and live our lives for their streamlining. Live your life, do not play by their rules and their definition, do things which makes you happy rather than things which makes them happy. #Thoughts #ThoughtAggregator #ThoughtForTheDay #InstaBlog #InstaBlogging #Blogs #TuesdayThoughts#EngineeringPadichaGethunuSolluvaaingaNambaatha#OoruSolluthuNuEthayumKekathaUnakkuPidichaPannu

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