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We often come across this term from our well-wishers that we should invest in something because the price of that particular commodity is going up. On the surface, it looks like care and something wise to invest too. But if you look a bit deeper, you are investing in something where you don’t have any need. But then what’s the harm in investing in something which is soaring up and you can get a decent return. This is trick part, you can and you should invest in something if you are looking only in terms of return but investing in assets which doesn’t give you any returns and at the same time, it doesn’t belong to a category you call as needs. You invest in luxury items by thinking about saving up a lot of money but you fail to notice that it was not in your radar before and it was forced upon you. Think well before investing in anything, if it gives you good returns then go on if it is necessary then go on if it is decided only based on the rise in price then take a foot back.#InstaBlog #InstaThoughts #Thoughts #ThoughtAggregator #Quotes #ThoughtForTheDay #KaasuKammiNuAmazonlaKaaigariOrderPanninaamMarketLaIrunthuVanthavan #VarushaVarushamOnePlusPuthuPhoneVuduvaanAthukkagaNaamaVaanganumnuAvasiyamIlla

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