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Joan Blades and John Gable TED Talk

Hello Folks,

The situation right now in all countries is more or less the same. We are losing people for ideologies, ideals, and then idols. In this talk, Joan Blades and John Gable explain how we must free ourselves from the filter bubbles. Watch this wonderful talk in the link below.

Welcome Back !!

I loved this TED Talk very much. More than the love, I feel that this TED Talk is the need of the hour. We all want to live a well-informed life and want to be loyal to the ideals we believe in. This is something which is good and helps in the betterment of society but it won’t fetch us the results we expect because the ideals we believe are not perfect and by aligning only with the like-minded people we are not letting our ideals reach perfection.

We create a filter that lets us see more people we align with. This creates a bias in our opinions, we only see what we want to see and it hinders our knowledge base and we restrict our thought process. What’s more alarming is how Obi-Wan Kenobi says”You become the very force you swore to destroy.” Just as John says we need to add diversity in our lives. The diversity should be in terms of generations, ideology, social, economic state.

By including a lot of diverse people you get to know their world, understand their lives and why do they believe in what they believe. It might or might not change your ideology but rather it gives you a better idea about yourself. This topic is not something new in my “100 Days 100 Thoughts” series and I have spoken something similar in “Empathy is not endorsement” post. Be more receptive, be open to learn and listen to the people who disagree with you. Like Joan says, “Living Room Conversations were designed to begin to heal political and personal differences.”

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