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Hola Folks,

And after aeons, I am back with a blog post to complete the series which I started last year. Although the title says Day 31, 32 and so on, it will be a weekly post. Let’s start our Mondays with a small shot of positivity and learning to carry the same energy for the rest of the week. Now let’s go to the topic.

Breaking a bad habit, isn’t it the very important thing we are looking for right now? Aren’t we all aware that we have quite a considerable amount of bad habits which we definitely want to break? It can be binge eating, smoking, and of course, compulsively checking the mobile notifications and texting(GUILTY AS CHARGED). And we all are trying very hard to let go of that, and we are unsuccessful in all our attempts. So what can be done?

Judson Brewer in this video talks about Mindfulness and how it can help in overcoming a bad habit. And he also explains the journey, the road ahead and the need for the same. This is one of the must-watch TED Talks and you won’t regret spending your time on it.

I personally wanted to share this talk for my comeback because I am struggling with a bad habit. I have been procrastinating for a long time. I start a lot of good things and gave up in the middle and then later regretted it. When I tried to understand the issue it is because a few bad habits hindering me from doing it. So, I wanted to understand where I was going wrong and trying to be mindful at things helped in figuring out the drain. Fighting with a bad habit pushed me further away from the progress, rather curiosity about the same brought me closer to understanding the problem and helped me in improving my progress. I wish all of us can do better by being curious and understanding what it is.

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