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100 Days 100 Thoughts | Day 13 — Thomas Curran

Howdy Folks !!

Yesterday I shared a talk about the importance of aiming for perfectionism. I got a lot of feedback that how the journey striving to achieve perfectionism creates a lot of anxiety, stress and results in self-destructive behaviour. This is something very very sensitive and important. Throughout the series, I am talking about maintaining a healthy relationship with stress. Similar to that Perfectionism is another thing which was made into a monster. Watch this wonderful talk by Thomas Curran on the topic, “Our dangerous obsession to perfectionism is getting worse.”

Welcome Back !!

Thomas Curran says, in the journey to attain perfectionism we are stressing ourselves and making it worse. In a way, we are running the rat race in the quest for perfectionism. But frankly, that is not what perfectionism is all about. As he says perfectionism should be the way to improve yourself, perfect the imperfect self. But we are following the standardised the metrics and making it worse for everybody. Perfection should be seen as a motivator but rather we are making it as the demotivator.

I absolutely agree that beauty lies in imperfection and we should be happy to appreciate the imperfections. But that in no way is an answer for the laziness and it shouldn’t be the hindering factor from achieving your full potential. The question of what is full potential, what are you going to gain by achieving it and so on looks good on papers but you know you have achieved something. As Prof. Feynman says, you are the easiest person to fool, so don’t fool yourself. The healthy way to perfectionism is accepting and enjoying the failure and perseverance is the key. Perfectionism is not a destination, it is a way of life to make us better than what we are today. Enjoy the journey, accept, learn and rejoice the failure and then move forward to make yourself better.

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