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100 Days 100 Thoughts | Day 11 — Kelly McGonigal

Howdy Folks !!

In one of my earlier post, I have mentioned that it is essential to have a healthy relationship with stress. A couple of my friends asked how on earth can one have a healthy relationship with stress. Isn’t it like having an abuser? When something is harming us why on earth one would go and have a healthy relationship with the causer of the harm. This point struck me hard, it told a lot about our perception towards something. I asked the person with a simple question: “Do you consider Exercise harmful as it is creating pain and breaking down your muscles?”. The reply was that these two cannot be compared. But in my humble opinion, our perception decides everything.

This is when I stumbled upon this most beautiful TED Talk ever. Just watch this wonderful talk by Kelly McGonigal on the topic How to make stress your friend.

Welcome Back !!

Isn’t it the best ever TED Talk we all wanted to listen? How beautiful is our body which does every job that is necessary for sustainability? We all know that Sapiens are social animals and being social is the way to build resilience against stress. I still remember choosing the most stressful job over a job with a laid-back attitude and my response was I love the job and the challenges. And honestly, I didn’t say that just to get the job and I do enjoy the stress, deadlines and challenges.

This was my secret but I didn’t understand the mechanism and science behind it. Also, to all the people who thought I am helping them by reaching out when you are stressed, I was just helping myself becoming more resilient to stress. So the more you help others, the better you become in handling the stress. Isn’t it great that the more we reach out and lend our ears and hands to others is the only way we can become better in handling stress. Enjoy the stress, the body’s reactions to the stressful situations are ways to prepare you for the same, get ready to ride the roller coaster and do not avoid the crazy ride. You are missing a whole lot of things by avoiding discomfort. Let’s all face it together and enjoy the grinding.

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