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100 Days 100 Thoughts |Day 1 — Joseph Gordon Levitt

Howdy !!

Before we go into the post, I would like to give a brief. I am going to share 100 ted talks which I personally felt worth pondering over and take this opportunity to discuss beyond what is mentioned in the video. In many a time we see great thoughts in TED, but only on discussing it further it will help us explore and savor more of that. I take this opportunity and platform to do that.

Image from the TED Talk of Joseph Gordon Levitt

For the first day of the post, I am sharing the TED Talk of Joseph Gordon Levitt. He talks on the topic “How craving attention makes you less creative”. This is a wonderful talk and it makes sense especially coming from a person whose primary job depends on seeking attention. Please do watch the video below and then come to read my thoughts below. If you have already watched this video then well and good, go ahead to read my view on the same.

Image from the TED Talk of Joseph Gordon Levitt

Welcome Back !!

This is a brilliant video and helps us driving away from craving attention and asks us to pay attention. This looks so simple on the surface and as Joseph himself says it is not so easy to do so. All of us have been at that stage once or more. So what we have to do in order to move away from seeking attention and paying attention? Won’t we feel happy on getting attention?

This is the important difference we have to follow in order to understand this. It is perfectly fine to feel happy on garnering attention. But Garnering attention shouldn’t be the primary driving force. You create an art because your love for the art should be the driving force. To explain this, I used to follow certain movie reviewers regularly. I followed them for their honest thoughts although on many occasions my thoughts didn’t much aligned with theirs. Over the period of time, the crowd defined their content and I am able to see the difference in way they approach the content. Once they turned into crowd pleasers, I was no longer able to follow their reviews.

This holds true not only for them but to many of us. We do things to make people happy and garner their attention because we feel that they give attention to certain type of content, but this assumption backfires and drives away the readers and changes the course of our journey altogether. Can we say that attention is a co passenger in our journey? As it would be great to have a lovely co passenger but due to the lovely nature, we can’t change our destination to enjoy the same.

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